My first Bath & Body Works!

my first bath and body works products nowa beauty

Hi lovely readers! :) As I promised you in my little haul post, I’m back with a blog post about my first Bath & Body Works products! I got mine from Aoro – wish I could get them right from the source, but the delivery rates don’t come cheap so luckily there’s sites like these that carry stuff from the States and I can easily get a hold of them over here.  Continue reading


Premier délice!

premier delice cacharel anais anais perfume nowa beauty

Hi lovelies! :) Welcome back to my blog! Today I wanted to talk to you about my latest perfume crush: Premier Delice by Cacharel in their Anais Anais range. It’s not the newest perfume launched by the brand, it’s just a little gift I got for my birthday this year. I’ve used it almost every day since I got it and it’s pretty much finished now – that’s how much I loved it! Continue reading

It’s time for a little haul!

aoro by notino haul nowa beauty

Hi beauties! :) I did a little shopping on Aoro recently and I thought I’d share with you what I got! The site is bound to change its name to NOTINO soon as part of this bigger company, but for now it’s still Aoro. I wanted to mention it, although you’ve probably noticed this already if you’ve been to their website. Continue reading

My latest micellars

bioderma la roche posay micellar waters nowa beauty

Hi guys! :) Today I want to talk to you about my favorite beauty thing I like to try lately: micellar waters! I’ve got the first taste of this a long time ago with Bioderma and now they are pretty much released by every beauty brand, so there’s plenty to choose from! I go back and forth between cheaper brands and the more pricey ones, but I have to admit that my skin looks best when I stick with dermocosmetics. So I should probably avoid the rest, but the temptation is too high sometimes for a beauty curious person like me! :) Continue reading

I’ve tried the invisibobble!

invisibobble hair ring sephora romania nowa beauty

Hi lovely readers! :) I went to Sephora the other day and as I was looking around, my eyes were drawn to the boxes with invisibobble! I remembered how raved about these little things were, so I’ve decided right there and then to give them a try! Continue reading

Lipstick of choice

vivid rose maybelline lipstick nowa beauty

Hi there! :) This post is all about the lipstick I find myself reaching for most of the time: this gorgeous pink shade from Maybelline called Vivid Rose! Not exactly the most subtle color, but I feel this particular shade suits my skin tone best – so this is my lipstick of choice! Continue reading