My latest micellars

latest micellars i've tried nowa beauty

Hi guys! :) Today I want to talk to you about my favorite beauty thing I like to try lately: micellar waters! I’ve got the first taste of this a long time ago with Bioderma and now they are pretty much released by every beauty brand, so there’s plenty to choose from! I go back and forth between cheaper brands and the more pricey ones, but I have to admit that my skin looks best when I stick with dermocosmetics. So I should probably avoid the rest, but the temptation is too high sometimes for a beauty curious person like me! :) Continue reading

Lipstick of choice

lipstick of choice vivid rose maybelline nowa beauty

Hi lovely readers! :) Today’s post is all about the lipstick I find myself reaching for most of the time: this gorgeous pink shade from Maybelline called Vivid Rose! Not exactly the most subtle color, but I feel this particular shade¬†suits my skin tone best – so this is my lipstick of choice! Continue reading

I’ve tried the invisibobble!

invisibobble traceless hair ring sephora romania nowa beauty

I was telling you in a previous post how I went to Sephora to get my blush palette. As I was looking around, my eyes were drawn to the boxes with invisibobble! I remembered how raved about these little things were, so I’ve decided right there and then to give them a try! Continue reading

The gift from Sephora


Can you guess the product, from the image above? :) If you said blush, well done! I would reward you with lots of Sephora¬†bonus points if I could! :) You’re probably just as passionate about beauty products as I am, so welcome! :) Continue reading